The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Experience Bliss through the Chakra healing meditation

Experience Bliss through the Chakra healing meditation

Various schools of spirituality stress on the power of meditation to facilitate spiritual growth. Meditation is a potent vehicle for spiritual transcendence. Master Choa Kok Sui developed his meditation techniques with great care and put these procedures through strict validation processes. There are many known ways in meditation benefits your body and your soul. Besides calming your mind and energizing your physical body, meditation also plays a part in widening the horizon of your consciousness.

Meditation on Twin Hearts with Psychological Health

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is a technique that was developed to enable aspiring individuals to attain Cosmic Consciousness or Illumination. This chakra healing meditation involves blessing the whole earth with loving kindness to usher in harmony and is therefore a way to provide service to the world.

Meditation on Twin Hearts with Chakra Healing or Meditation on Twin Hearts with Psychological Health also has the power to bring harmony into relationships, companies, cities or countries. For example, there was a notorious locality in Brazil that had a lot of drug peddlers and addicts. A group of healers started blessing this neighborhood and did so regularly for many months. Soon, all the drug abusers disappeared and antisocial activities went down.

There was a couple who were always quarreling. After doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts together, their relationship became more pleasant. However, when they stopped meditating, they resumed fighting yet again. This meditation thus helps when families with issues sit down and meditate together.

A Guided Path to Illumination

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is based on the theory that a few of the major chakras serve as gateways to certain levels of consciousness. The activation of the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra is essential for achieving Illumination. The Twin Hearts are actually the Heart Chakra or Anahata chakra, the center of the emotional heart and the Crown Chakra, the center of the Divine heart.

A Loving and Powerful Light

Divine love, light and power pour down onto a person engaged in the Meditation on Twin Hearts and s/he becomes a medium or channel for Divine energy. This Divine energy exits into the aura after passing through the spiritual cord and the centers of the person. The aura gets cleansed as the inflow and outflow of energy flushes out negative thoughts.

Taoist Yoga refers to this Divine energy or Spiritual energy as heaven ki. According to philosophies of Kaballah, the Energy is called the pillar of light, based on the clairvoyant view of an actual pillar of light. Indian Yogis refer to this as the spiritual bridge of light or the antahkarana. Christian tradition refers to the coming down of this supreme energy as the descent of the Holy Spirit symbolized in the form of a white dove.

Religious Christian art often depicts Jesus and the saints with a descending white dove over a pillar of light above their heads. Experienced practitioners often feel this brilliant white light in their heads. Advanced yogis and saints have narrated similar experiences of this descent of Divine energy regardless of which religion or spiritual path they follow.

Regular practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts leads to better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When practiced by a big group of individuals, this chakra healing meditation has the power to heal the earth by enhancing peace and harmony. This powerful chakra healing meditation thus has great power whether practiced individually or collectively.


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