The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Arhatic Yoga level 5

gmcks arhatic yoga level 5

Both Mang Mike and Mang Nenet noted that something was coming out of the forehead of MCKS. This was, of course, on different occasions.

MCKS had to explain to them the technique. What is coming out is a vortex of energy from his forehead. This vortex of energy is called the unicorn light. There are different sizes of unicorn light. From the size of about 1 centimeter, in length, to several meters in length.

Sometimes, the spiritual teacher will appear in the inner world as a white unicorn with wings or a combination of unicorn and Pegasus, the flying horse.

There are many spiritual beings in the inner world who have a fully mature unicorn light. They are the coworkers in the continuous creation in the universe.