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Arhatic Yoga level 4

gmcks arhatic yoga level 4

Arhatic Yoga level four involves the activation of the 12th chakra or the blooming of the golden lotus bud. This is done through character building, service and living the life of a good person. Spiritual practice is not just meditation. It is a way of life. This must be remembered by the spiritual aspirant and disciples. Before the experiments with MCKS, Mang Mike and Mang Nenet did not know of the existence of the 12th chakra.

Activating 12th chakra before its time will not produce good results. Activating 12th chakra without proper preparation will result in disaster. Without thorough character building, the practice of Arhatic Yoga level four will be disastrous. The positive and negative qualities will be magnified to a very high degree. The weaknesses or vices will be magnified to such a high degree that it becomes uncontrollable in some instances and the disciple will become insane. This condition is very difficult to reverse.

The existence of the 12th chakra is hinted in the Bible, in the book of revelation (chapter 21:2), where that “... there is a city with 12 gates”. In the book of revelation, (chapter 22:2), it states that “... there is a tree of life which bears 12 fruits ...”

12 thChakra
12th Chakra GoldenBall

In India, it is stated that, “... the dancing Shiva (the incarnated soul) is located twelve half thumb lengths (or twelve inches) above the head”. The partially activated 12th chakra in the Christian tradition is called the Pentecostal fire. In the Buddhist tradition the 12th chakra is shown as a golden ball of fire above the head of the monk. In Taoist yoga, the incarnated soul which is lodged in the 12th chakra, is called the spiritual fetus. The spiritual fetus is the state is the state of development of the soul of a young disciple. In the case of the masses it is not yet even a fetus. It is just a point of light. In Sufi tradition, the incarnated soul, which is anchored in the 12th chakra, is called the presence.

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