The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Arhatic Yoga level 1

GMCK Arhatic Yoga level 1

Arhatic Yoga level one is based on the following principles:

  • Each chakra has a spiritual and psychological function.
  • Each higher chakra has a lower corresponding chakra.
  • The higher chakra must be activated first before the lower chakra is activated.
  • The purpose for this is that the higher chakra with the higher spiritual and psychological function must control the lower chakra with the lower psychological function, just as the manager or supervisor must direct the workers.
  • If the lower chakras are activated first before the higher chakras, the higher chakras will not be in a position to control the lower nature of the person.
  • This spiritual technique is very different from techniques practiced in India, where the activation is started from the lower chakras moving up to the upper chakras. In Arhatic Yoga it is the higher chakras that are activated first, then the corresponding lower chakras.
  • The principle of activating the higher chakras first instead of the lower chakras is very important. If this instruction is not followed, spiritual disciples may encounter serious problems. The weaknesses of a disciple will be magnified and instead of spiritually progressing, the spiritual aspirant will retrogress.
  • This is the reason why in ancient times, the guru would insist that a student undergo many years of inner purification or character building before they were taught how to meditate.