The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

The development of Arhatic Yoga

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In relation to Arhatic Yoga, MCKS in his 20’s and early 30’s was taught through inner transmission the different levels of Arhatic Yoga - a series of very advanced spiritual practices or very advanced sadhanas. At the age of about 25, MCKS experimented with a very advanced Arhatic meditation, where he, the soul, united with the infinite ocean of life. He experimented with this technique and was clairvoyantly monitored by a female clairvoyant. His aura became very bright and his physical body could not be clairvoyantly seen.

He did not practice this advanced meditational technique again, since MCKS, the soul, and his body were not ready for it. Several years later, he experimented with the technique again with Mang Mike. The first time MCKS experimented on this technique with Mang Mike, the aura became very brilliant. Mang Mike had a problem looking at it directly.

On the second occasion, when Mang Mike monitored this meditation, he could not directly look MCKS’ blinding aura and had to turn his head to one side. This time, the aura became ever more blinding. The same meditation was clairvoyantly monitored by Mang Nenet. The result was more or less the same.

Again, MCKS body was not ready for this technique. It was only after many years that he practiced this very advanced Arhatic Yoga technique on a regular basis.

While transcribing the narration of MCKS, in order to make the transcriber understand this advanced meditation more fully, he allowed the transcriber to observe him meditating. Prior to looking at MCKS meditating, the transcriber invoked for divine guidance, help and protection to shield her from the high intensity of the energy that would be generated. To prevent having her physical eyes being overwhelmed by the energy, she “looked” with her physical eyes closed. In spite of the shielding created by the divine protection, MCKS’ aura was blindingly bright, penetratingly brilliant, and afterward, it was hard for her to open her physical eyes. Her forehead chakra, and her right and left-brain were highly activated. MCKS had to repeatedly remove the excess energy from her head in order to avoid the eyes and brain from being overwhelmed by the energy.

In 1982 and after the next several years, Mang Mike and Mang Nenet clairvoyantly monitored MCKS when he was practicing Arhatic Yoga. They reported to him the result of the meditation. It must be clearly stated that Mang Nenet and Mang Mike did not know and did not practice Arhatic Yoga. Even during and after Arhatic Yoga experiments, Mang Nenet did not practice Arhatic Yoga because he had his own spiritual practices taught to him by his own spiritual teacher.

In the case of Mang Mike, because of his physical condition (due to the earlier smokes), it was not possible for his body to withstand the energies generated through the practice of Arhatic Yoga. Therefore, he did not practice Arhatic Yoga. Without practicing Arhatic Yoga, it is not possible to understand it deeply.

The practice of Arhatic Yoga was almost second nature to MCKS. He had practicing the different levels of Arhatic Yoga in his past incarnations.

Before Arhatic Yoga was taught to the public, MCKS personally experimented using his soul and his body as a “guinea pig” for many years. This was necessary in order to refine and readjust the Arhatic Yoga techniques, to insure that the yogic techniques are safe for the disciples living in the present modern conditions. In several instances MCKS’ body became severely sick. This was necessary in order to understand the possible problems that might be encountered by the students and to develop solutions to correct those possible problems. The modern students of Arhatic Yoga are indeed very lucky.

When Mang Mike and Mang Nenet were clairvoyantly monitoring MCKS during his Arhatic Yoga practice, they would ask MCKS what he was doing. MCKS had to explain to them the Arhatic Yoga techniques. It was because of this that Mang Nenet and Mang Mike began to understand the science of Arhatic Yoga.