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99 Beautiful Names of ALLAH

99 Beautiful Names of ALLAH

Chanted By: Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

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The name Allah is the Arabic proper name of the One, while other names, descriptions and titles such as these ninety-nine beautiful names are considered to be attributes of Allah. That is, they are the signs by which we recognize the wonder and glory of the Almighty One.

The essence of all attributes, descriptions and names are unified in this one name, Allāh, which denotes the ultimate perfection of love, harmony and beauty.

He who remembered ALLAH will be remembered by ALLAH.

He who remembers ALLAH will be blessed by ALLAH.

He who lovingly recites the 99 beautiful names of ALLAH will be remembered and loved by ALLAH.

Allah The All-Compassionate (Ar-Rahman– الرحمن)
Allah The All-Merciful (Ar-Rahim- الرحيم)
Allah The Sovereign(Al-Malik- الملك)
Allah The Holy One (Al-Quddus– القدوس )
Allah The Source of Peace (As-Salam–السلام)
Allah The Giver of Faith (Al-Mumin–المؤمن)
Allah The Protector (Al-Muhaymin–المهيمن)
Allah The All- Mighty (Al-Aziz- العزيز)
Allah The Compeller(Al-Jabbar- الجبار)
Allah The Majestic(Al-Mutakabbir- المتكبر)
Allah The Creator(Al-Khaliq- الخالق)
Allah The Maker(Al-Bari- البارئ)
Allah The Shaper(Al-Musawwir- المصور)
Allah The Forgiver(Al-Gaffar- الغفار)
Allah The Subduer(Al-Qahhar- القهار)
Allah The Bestower(Al-Wahhab- الوهاب)
Allah The Provider(Ar-Razzaq- الرزاق)
Allah The Opener(Al-Fattah- الفتاح)
Allah The All-Knowing(Al-Alim- العليم)
Allah The Constrictor(Al-Qabiz- القابض)
Allah The Expander(Al-Basit- الباسط)
Allah The Humbler(Al-Khafiz- الخَافِض)
Allah The Exalter(Ar-Rafi- الرافع)
Allah The Bestower of Honors(Al-Muizz- المعز)
Allah The Humiliator(Al-Muzill- المذل)
Allah The All-Hearing(As-Sami- السميع)
Allah The All-Seeing(Al-Basir- البصير)
Allah The Judge(Al-Ḥakam- الحكم)
Allah The Just(Al-Adl- العدل)
Allah The Subtle One(Al-Latif- اللطيف)
Allah The All-Aware(Al-Khabir- الخبير)
Allah The All-Forbearing(Al-Halim- الحليم)
Allah The Great One(Al-Azim- العظيم)
Allah The All-Forgiving(Al-Gaffurr- الغفور)
Allah The Appreciative(Ash-Shakur- الشكور)
Allah The Highest(Al-Ali- العلي)
Allah The Greatest(Al-Kabir- الكبير)
Allah The Preserver(Al-Hafiz- الحفيظ)
Allah The Sustainer(Al-Muqit- المقيت)
Allah The Reckoner(Al-Hasib- الحسيب)
Allah The Sublime One(Al-Jalil- الجليل)
Allah The Generous(Al-Karim- الكريم)
Allah The Watcher(Ar-Raqib- الرقيب)
Allah The Responsive(Al-Mujīb- المجيب)
Allah The All-Embracing(Al-Wasi- الواسع)
Allah The All-Wise(Al-Hakim- الحكيم)
Allah The All-Loving(Al-Wadud- الودود)
Allah The Most Glorious One(Al-Majid- المجيد)
Allah The Resurrector(Al-Baith- الباعث)
Allah The Witness(Ash-Shahid- الشهيد)
Allah The Truth(Al-Haqq- الحق)
Allah The Trustee(Al-Wakil- الوكيل)
Allah The Most Strong(Al-Qawi- القوي)
Allah The Firm One (Al-Matin- المتين)
Allah The Protector(Al-Wali- الولي)
Allah The Praise Worthy(Al-Hamid- الحميد)
Allah The Appraiser(Al-Muhsi- المحصي)
Allah The Originator(Al-Mubdi- المبدئ)
Allah The Restorer(Al-Muīd- المعيد)
Allah The Giver of Life(Al-Muhyi- المحيي)
Allah The Destroyer/Taker of Life(Al-Mumit- المميت)
Allah The Ever Living One(Al-Hayy- الحي)
Allah The Self Existing One(Al-Qayyum- القيوم)
Allah The All-Perceiving(Al-Wajid- الواجد)
Allah The Glorious(Al-Majid- الماجد)
Allah The Unique(Al-Wahid- الواحد)
Allah The One(Al-Ahad- الاحد)
Allah The Eternally Besought(As-Samad- الصمد)
Allah The Able(Al-Qadir- القادر)
Allah The All-Powerful(Al-Muqtadir- المقتدر)
Allah The Expediter(Al-Muqaddim- المقدم)
Allah The Delayer(Al-Muakhkhir- المؤخر)
Allah The First(Al-Awwal- الأول)
Allah The Last(Al-Akhir- الأخر)
Allah The Manifest One(Az-Zahir- الظاهر)
Allah The Hidden One(Al-Batin- الباطن)
Allah The Governor(Al-Wali- الوالي)
Allah The Most Exalted(Al-Mutaali- المتعالي)
Allah The Source of All Goodness(Al-Barr- البر)
Allah The Acceptor of Repentance(At-Tawwab- التواب)
Allah The Lord of Retribution(Al-Muntaqim- المنتقم)
Allah The Pardoner(Al-Afwu- العفو)
Allah The Clement(Ar-Rauf- الرؤف)
Allah The Sovereign Owner(Malik-ul-Mulk- مالك الملك)
Allah The Lord of Majesty & Bounty(Dhul-Jalali - wal-ikram- ذو الجلال والإكرام )
Allah The Equitable One(Al-Muqsit- المقسط)
Allah The Gatherer(Al-Jami- الجامع)
Allah The Self-Sufficient(Al-Ghani- الغني)
Allah The Enricher(Al-Mughni- المغني)
Allah The Preventer of Harm(Al-Mani- المانع)
Allah The Distresser(Az-zarr- الضار)
Allah The Propitious(An-Nafi- النافع)
Allah The Light(An-Nur- النور)
Allah The Guide(Al-Hadi- الهادي)
Allah The Originator(Al-Badi- البديع)
Allah The Everlasting One(Al-Baqi- الباقي)
Allah The Inheritor(Al-Warith- الوارث)
Allah The Guide to the Right Path(Ar-Rashid- الرشيد)
Allah The Patient One(As-Sabur- الصبور)

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